Monday, November 23, 2015

My BrainPOP Blog from The Agents

We spent some time exploring the new MyBrainPOP in the computer lab today! Students had a lot of fun watching videos, making maps, and playing games. I asked them to reflect on their work today by sharing two things they liked about MyBrainPOP, one thing they wished they had access to, and one question they had for MyBrainPOP. 

I love the games and videos! I wish we could make our own movies. How did you come up with BrainPOP? 

I like that I have the freedom on BrainPOP, and I can play games. I wish you could make your own movies. What gave you the idea for My BrainPOP?

I like how you can watch any of the movies. I like how you can play all the games. I wish that you let us suggest and vote on new video ideas. How do you those the names and letter Tim and Moby get?

I like that BrainPOP almost has ever video, and it lets us do a lot of things with it. I wish you could create a quiz for another person. Is BrainPOP thinking of any other ideas to put on its website?

I like that I can play games. I like that I learn from it. I wish I could create my own game. Why did you pick to work at BrainPOP and why?

I like how there are coding games. I also like that you can take the quizzes. I wish you could play more coding games. Are you going to add more quizzes, activities, and games? 

I like the games. I like the new topics. I wish I could create animations in make a map. What inspired you to do BrainPOP?

I like the length of videos. I also like the categories. I wish you could expand it a little more. Why did you name the site BrainPOP?

I like how My BrainPOP has games and videos. I wish there was a game with football involved. Why did you update BrainPOP?

I really like all the games there is to choose from. I also like how organized it is. I wish that you could design your own video to have. Which video is your favorite?

I really like how you make a map and how you can learn about all the subjects on BrainPOP. I thing I wish I could do on it is draw. How did you come up with the website?

I like the new home screen and that it is easier to find things. I wish there was a discussion page so you could say what you like about BrainPOP. How long does it take to make a video?

I liked all the games that were available to me. I also liked all the world history video. I wish that I could make my own quiz about a topic. Do you have a small robot Moby?

One thing I like about My BrainPOP is the games. Another thing I like is that it is new. One thing I wish it had would be TV shows. Are you going to add anything newer?

I liked how you could search anything and then watch a video for it. I also liked how all the categories were on the side. I wish I could make a quiz. Why did you redo it? 

What I like about BrainPOP is that you can play games and watch lots of videos. I wish I could connect to my classmates’ computers and make a map with them. Why did you make this cool upgrade to BrainPOP? 

What I liked about MyBrainPOP is that I could save anything I want. Another thing is that I can take my own quiz. One thing I wish I could do is create a game. How did you create My BrainPOP?

I like how you added the games and the quick tour. I wish that there were new games. Why did you redo the site?

I like how you can watch BrainPOP videos everywhere. I also like how you can play games based on the lesson. I wish there were videos about sports and people who play that sport. Did you create the games or get them off a different website?

I like that I can make a map and share it with Ms. Freedman. I also like the freedom to see any movie you want. I wish that we could make your own movie to share with classmates. What was the first update BrainPOP had?

I like how there are so many movies to pick from. I also like how there are other choices so you can play a game or make a map. I wish I could make my own movie. How long did it take you to make all the movies? 

I like how you can make a map because it is very helpful. I wish you could like the video because you can tell who likes the videos. The question I have is who invented BrainPOP and why did you invent it. 

I like that it is very organized, so you can find things easily. I also like that there is a get started video. A question that I have is why did you change the website? I wish I could write a review on a video to say if the video was good or not. 

I like the new set up. I also liked the walk through. I like the games too. I wish you had a BrainPOP video about the Taj Mahal. Why did you change the look of BrainPOP?

I like that you can just clik on any topic and a lot of videos show up. I like that there’s fun games and you actually learn in them. I wish anyone can go on and look at videos even though they are not signed in. Why are the videos so short?

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