Monday, November 30, 2015

Hour of Code Hits A113!

Students learned a new way we can sign out of the classroom using Google Sheets! Thanks to Alice Keeler who shared her template on Twitter last night! Students learned how to use a drop down to check in and check out, as well as how to fill out the appropriate columns so we can keep track of when students leave the classroom. Several are excited to try it while others prefer the paper version. Jake announced he “refused to let technology take over his life.” I can appreciate that comment which is why they have the choice of how they would like to sign out of the room. . . for now! 

During computer lab students were very busy using All students received their account information and began coding. They LOVED watching the videos and coding either in the Minecraft or Star Wars activity. I heard comments such as “This is so challenging!” and “How did you do that?” Squeals of excitement also filled the room. Students had to figure out how to use code to move characters on the screen. They will be coming home with their account information today!

In spelling I suggested those students who choose the blog homework use other sites like BrainPOP to blog about! They might also want to blog about something we are learning in school. If they would like to write about a current event in the news and what they think about it that is also a welcomed idea! 

In reading we heard the story of Paul Revere and his famous midnight ride. Students will be creating a character poster of good old Paul using Google Draw or on paper. They have to choose some words that describe him, known as character traits. Using textual evidence to support their thinking will be incorporated into their drawings. We completed our math topic today and will be reviewing the concepts tomorrow. The assessment is on Thursday. We also had time to celebrate Claudia’s birthday today. Kudos to Claudia who has been coordinating our BICO volunteer program. We have many agents participating and the feedback has been very positive thus far. 

Ask your agent how the Quidditch tournament went today! I am hoping as I write this they remember teamwork skills! Last night after the Pats game our coach announced how proud he was of his team despite the loss. I am sure our agents will make us proud on the field today!

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