Monday, November 2, 2015

The Report Card Demystified

Everyone should have received a copy of the new behaviors that contribute to school success portion of the report card today. The first column is where your agent reflected on what they felt they deserved. The second column I placed the letter I was planning to give your child. Children then had a chance write some goals to work on.

The academic portion of the report card will look like it did last year. This is a standards based report card in the truest form. Therefore your child will be assessed using the letters B, P, P+, M, and E. If your child is beginning to meet the Massachusetts State Standards then he or she will receive a B for that standard. If your child is progressing to meet the Common Core Standards then he or she will receive a P for that standard. If your child is meeting the Common Core Standards then he or she will receive a M for that standard. If your child is exceeding the Common Core Standards then he or she will receive an E for that standard. The second thing you might notice is that not all standards are assessed first term. Several standards will be shaded out. In fact only a few standards are being assessed in math this term. Standards being assessed focus on what we covered during the term. Social studies and science are also included. The common core brochure I sent home over the summer directly ties into what is being assessed.

We had a busy day in A113. I encourage you to ask your child to share his or her work we have been doing in computer lab. It is rather impressive. They are collaborating with a classmate in Google slides on something they found interesting in Wonderopolis. Students have learned how to use the chat box as a tool to enhance their experience when working with classmates. This is not a box to be filled with “Hi!” or emojis but rather a tool they can use to work together to make decisions, especially if they are not sitting directly next to their partner. Students have made all creative decisions with their buddy and will be teaching classmates about their learning next week! 

During reading we began our second unit, which focuses on theme of doing the right thing. Our story this week, Inside Out, is one of my favorites. Students had great discussions sharing what inside out could mean. I heard things from the literal term referring to clothes being inside out to judging others based on their insides and outsides. Another idea was how sometimes we feel like insiders or outsiders. We have some very astute agents! We will be using our strategies and skills this week to compare and contrast two things in the story. Students also learned about how to develop and ITunes playlist based on Fish in a Tree. Ask your agent about what songs they chose and why. I heard some real good ones. We have a diverse group of music interests in our classroom. 

We kicked off our Grade 5 One Book One Read project. Your agent should have come home with his or her very own copy of Fish in a Tree. I did let them know if they read ahead, which is okay, they would need to reread in school. That is a personal choice of your agent. I am very excited that MESA decided to go with this book, as our students are thoroughly enjoying it in class. If you have time it is worth reading at home! 

Tomorrow we will be exploring robots in science. Stay tuned!

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