Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Concept Mapping and Imaginative Lessons!

Students are continuing their study of explorers in social studies. They have been working on showcasing their knowledge using BrainPOP’s Make a Map. This is a great tool for students to organize their thinking about a topic, as it offers a visual representation of their thinking.  “Concept mapping gives students the chance to transform information into knowledge by making meaningful connections between their thoughts and ideas using BrainPOP images, keywords, and movie clips as resources to get them started.” To learn more about concept mapping visit:

We have been exploring a play in reading, which students are very excited about. This not only helps build fluency skills but also comprehension strategies. Students had to think about what the play was about, as understanding the message will help students act out the play. Ask your student what the play, Wings for a King, is about. The theme of our newest unit is inventors and inventions and our story has to do with needing a pair of wings. There is a BIG lesson in the story, which we discussed yesterday. Students will spend the week learning how to act out the play and perform it on Thursday. I cannot wait to see how our different actors take on their roles.

Our writing lessons over the course of the next few weeks will focus on crafting a narrative tale using their magical object they created a few weeks ago. I am looking forward to seeing entertaining beginnings, elaborative details, and extended endings. These pieces will also show us what students need to work on for the main event. They will be used in the computer lab as we craft our first book in My Awesome Publishing Company!

Dividing a decimal by a decimal was the topic in math today! Students know how to divide a whole number or a decimal by a whole number. Dividing by a decimal uses the same set of skills. First, the decimal divisor must be expressed as a whole number. We multiply the divisor by a power of ten to get a whole number. Then we need to move the decimal point the same number of places in the dividend as both need to be multiplied by the same power of ten. Finally we divide using division strategies taught in previous units leaving the decimal where it is. Students seem to be grasping the concept and working very hard during math class!

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