Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sway and Extending Endings Coming at You Live!

Students started presenting their science news reports today. Kudos to Jacob K. and Caitlyn for presenting their presentation with two students absent. They proved to us the show must go on! Students have used a variety of tools to showcase their learning during their reports, which I have been filming. I will share their work once everyone has presented in Sway, which is a new Microsoft tool I wanted to learn more about. It will be challenging to put it together, but I am excited to learn a new tool to enhance student learning. 

I introduced the concept of extending endings to students in writing today.  Students discovered there were several techniques to end your story instead of I went home or That was the time I broke my leg. Narrative techniques we are learning about can be supported at home. I am sending along the narrative writing packet from our writing program, Empowering Writers, for you to read at your convenience. I modeled how to use the techniques by writing an extended ending for the story we wrote a beginning for last week. 

I still hear the tree coming down, screaming in the wind it was on its way. I see its branches in my nightmares. I curl up in my bed, wrapping my blanket around me. I feel cozy and happy in a safer spot. I hope I never have to see a tree falling on the playground again. I decided if it ever happens again I will call 911 rather than run to the tree. Maybe I will save some lives. 

I encourage you to discuss techniques with your agent!

We spent some time in math going over how to solve multi step word problems. Students need to really read problems carefully and think about what they know and what they need to find out when breaking down a problem. Students needed to visualize the problem. Discussing and modeling problems was helpful today as yesterday was a very challenging lesson for agents.

Many of you might have heard about the Quidditch match yesterday. Agents came in very frustrated about how the game was played. They were not upset they lost, but felt how they lost was unfair. I suggested advocating for themselves and the next thing I knew a group of agents hopped on the Google Drive and created a document. They shared it with each other and began collaborating on a letter from the class explaining their thinking about the game and what they hope for. I am proud of our agents for taking a stand, speaking up, acting, and following through! There are some real life skills going on in this impromptu writing activity. 

Just a reminder we have student led conferences coming up. There are half days tomorrow and Thursday.

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