Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Dreaded Group of Three

Today we discussed the "group of three" friend phenomena. Often the group of three does not work, and I have seen it divide both female and male student friendships (though females are sometimes worse for some reason). We talked about how when you have two other friends one might be jealous. The word “friend stealer” was mentioned. I asked if a person tries to steal your friend, and they succeed was that friend really a good friend? Some friends can be jealous and need to learn to harness that in a way that is productive. Being mean will only end up hurting the person being mean, so that person is only punishing him or herself. 

We came up with some strategies of how to deal with this when you might feel excluded from the group. You could be honest and tell your friends you are being excluded. You could ask them to play something you all agree on. Or someone even said you could take a risk and ask different people to play. I encourage students in here to choose kindness and think about the kind of person they want to be when it comes to friendships. I also discussed how friendships change over time. I found a Teen Vogue article which offers some more information on the topic, which is something we all need reminders of. 

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