Sunday, December 13, 2015

Announcing My Awesome Publishing Company Beta Version Opportunity for our Students!

This morning I announced a BIG surprise for our agents. I am pleased to inform them I have gotten them each an account with My Awesome Publishing Company, from Fablevision and Lulu Jr.! The program has not been released to the public yet as it is still in its beta version. Our agents will be testing out the software and offering direct feedback to the software publishers. How exciting is that? Over the weekend I met with Peter Reynolds and Radha Kalathil to discuss my thoughts on the software and we are ready for students to CHECK IT OUT! Radha will be visiting at some point to see our agents in action. Our students will be able to help make the program better. 
You might be wondering what this program is at this juncture. It is a web based creativity tool that allows students to make their own fiction or nonfiction books. Parents can either purchase a hard cover version of the book for themselves or to dole out as gifts. There is also a free eBook version of the work that can also be created.   
To learn more about the program and its benefits please visit:
I am excited for our students to explore the program and start using it. They will be visiting the workshop and studio in school. However the beauty of this web based platform is they can work on it at home or create new books at home. 
To get access to their account at home students need to visit the super secret link:
They will want to make sure the student tab is blue and use their assigned book ID to log in. 

When the student logs in he or she will be taken to this page:

WORKSHOP: In the Workshop, students will find a journey of discovery to help them in writing. It is filled with topics each with a video hosted by Peter H Reynolds, and PDFs with activities to complete.
Menu of Workshop Elements:
Meet the Author
Map It Out
You may wish to do the Workshop elements as a whole class activity or allow students to progress at their own pace.

The studio is where the student will type the story which is to be published.

This is where students draw illustrations. It can be accessed from within the Studio or from the Lobby.

The bookshelf is only accessible to the student when a book has been released for publication by the teacher.