Monday, January 25, 2016

The Group Text and Future Goals from the NHL!

This morning we talked about the group text. I went over three BIG ideas about group texting at this age. First, not all students are included in the group text whether they do not have a device or were not invited. This can be hurtful to students so therefore students need to be mindful not to bring the group text discussion into school. If your child is feeling left out please encourage him or her to put a note in the bothering box with his or her name on it so I can follow up! Secondly as some of you may already know the group text can take a chunk of time out of your day without even realizing. Some young students might be waiting and waiting and waiting for that response to the group text. Others keep texting and do not notice the day has gone by. Therefore the students need to be mindful of making the most out of their day. Third, it is important NOT to talk about others when texting. Cyber bullying can take many forms and I would rather be proactive about this. Visit for more information on this topic to help educate yourself and your child.

I discussed the following with our agents this morning:

On a completely different note I am excited to let you know of an enrichment opportunity for our agents. We are kicking of Future Hockey Scholars in the computer lab once students have completed their explorer web quest. They will be discovering numerous STEAM concepts as they participate in modules developed by Ever-Fi and the NHL. 

To learn more visit:

I am so excited for them. My young friend Maxwell, our MassCUE CUEByte student speaker, encouraged me to check this out after he had to use it for an article he wrote for SportsIllustrated for Kids on the winter classic. He said he learned more through this about various science, technology, engineering, and math concepts than he did in school. I hope our agents enjoy this activity! They can also work on the modules at home!

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