Tuesday, January 26, 2016

OWL: A Fantastic Writing Resource

If you have never visited the online writing lab you might want to bookmark the site to help your agent through school. It is a great resource for writing and grammar. Last night I happened to use it because I was wondering if you needed to underline titles or put them in italics. I always learned to underline them; however, last night I discovered italics is the way to go if you are using word processing. I was one of a few people with a computer when I learned grammar skills. Most of the work I did was handwritten. That was why underlining was the way to go! Students should be using italics if they are using the Google Drive or another word processing program. If they write the titles then they can underline them unless they can figure out how to hand write in italics. I also use this site to help me cite sources correctly and reinforce grammar skills for students. It is a rich resource for writing! Thank you to Purdue for creating this!

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