Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rocks, My Awesome Publishing Co, and Victoria Coe's Book Trailer!

Rocks are all the rage in science! We reviewed properties of minerals and are now focusing on the questions What are the properties of rocks? And How are rocks formed? These questions will be answered through some hands on discovery activities and science readings over the next few lessons. Here are some fun sites to check out at home:

Rocks, which are made of one or more kinds of minerals, can be identified by their properties and by how they are found and changed. Earth is a dynamic planet. Some changes on earth occur quickly; others – like the formation of some rocks – take tens, hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years. Students might take the cliché “As solid as a rock” literally. While it is true that rocks are solids, they change as a result of chemical and physical processes.  We will talk next week about the three types of rocks and how they are formed. Today students are going to delve into the three types of rocks. 

In reading students are working in collaborative groups to SCAMPER a story. One group is exploring special effects in movies, another met Mahalia Jackson, and a third group read about Waterhouse Hawkins and his dinosaurs. We had some rich discussions yesterday about each story and then students got to work. Their thinking has been fascinating to listen to. What would happen if MLK met Mahalia? How would that change the story? What if we used a telescope instead of a movie camera? Let’s talk about lenses! I love how they are stretching their thinking. In writing many students are finishing up their first drafts of their narrative story about the magical object. I am impressed with their ability to craft a creative story! They will be working in My Awesome Publishing Company, which officially gets released this month! 

When I went to the American Library Association Conference I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria Coe! I am so excited for her new book Fenway and Hattie! It is told from the point of view of a dog. I will be looking for a student to read the book when it is published and blog about it for our readers! The book trailer was released! If you have not seen a book trailer before check this out:

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