Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fab@School Maker Studio Arrives!

I am thrilled to announce students have access to Fab@School Maker Studio. I purchased this for them in the hopes that it would inspire them to create, make, and innovate! Students take the role of engineer as they use design process thinking in order to solve a problem. In this program students can use their imagination to make pop ups, things for the 3D printer, and more! We spent some time this morning watching some tutorials to get us ready: 

Before heading up to the computer lab to begin our work, students got a pep talk from Kid For President. He has some very insightful things to share with our young students. View the video here:

Our students are going to use what we learned in both science and social studies thus far to create a Colonial America ecosystem as part of our upcoming Colonial American project. Students are assigned different states and they need to make things to bring their colonial to life. Today in the lab we had a chance to explore this web-based program. Over the next few weeks, students will be researching their colony to make a brochure in the Google Drive in Google Slides and objects created in Fab@School Maker Studio to present to the class. I cannot wait to see what they create! The best part is this is completely student centered. They get to make the decisions about their design along the way. We will hopefully be able to invite parents in for a Colonial Celebration showcasing all of our hard work!

You and your agent can check out Fab@School Maker Studio at home too! Students should head to and use their Pearson/IXL log in to access their accounts. If you make things at home feel free to share on social media or email me pictures! I would love to see the process.

If you are looking for user guides visit:

I am beyond thrilled Fablevision has provided us with a platform to put the design process into action. Students will be presented with a problem, have to come up with solutions to determine the best one. Then they make models and test out their design. They redesign as necessary. We will continue learning more about the design process way of thinking as we delve into our Young Inventor’s Fair in March and Emerging Engineers Program with Robinson.

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