Friday, February 26, 2016

Students Are In Charge of Their Learning

Students are in charge of their own learning. We create our own paths, and students need opportunities to reflect on where they have come from in order to make choices about where they are going in their educational journey. Students had an opportunity to think about the behaviors for school success section of their report card. I asked them to look at what they gave themselves in the fall, what I gave them, and think deeply about the goals they set. I then handed them a blank version of the same section of their report card and again asked them to self assess on each item. They were tasked with thinking about their growth or lack thereof and to be honest. Next they created goals for themselves for the remainder of the year, which could have stemmed from previous goals set. Students had some time to use metacognitive skills as they filled out the document. I then had an opportunity to reflect on their work habits and behavior and provide my feedback for students. Today students had the chance to see what I plan on giving them on their report card and ask questions about it privately. However no students asked questions. They are coming home with a copy of this for you and have a month to show growth if they want any of the items changed. I hope you spend some time talking to your agent about their behaviors for school success. Parents are an integral part of the process! An email for spring conferences will be sent out soon! I look forward to our next time as we gather together to reflect on our year. George Couros (2015) talks about things to look for in the classroom. Think about how many of these items we cover just from this lesson!

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