Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Celebrate #CPawareness Month!

March is National Cerebral Palsy month. During reading this week our students are discussing Stretching Ourselves, an expository nonfiction story about three children who have CP. Students have learned what causes CP and how their lives are affected by CP. We discussed how CP is caused from lack of oxygen to the brain that occurs during birth or within the first three years of the child’s life.   Students met Emily, Nic, and Tanner in our story. They all have varying forms of CP.  Students also saw Brookie, a friend from high school’s daughter, in action! We were able to talk about how we all were alike and different. Students also made lists of activities they could do with the four students they were introduced to this week. I encourage you to talk about CP with your agent. Visit http://kidshealth.org/en/kids/cerebral-palsy.html for more info!

This week we will continue learning more about Brookie and the three children in our story. Students will create posters to be shared with Brookie so she knows we are thinking of her. On Thursday we will celebrate CP Awareness Day, and students are invited to wear green (National CP Awareness Day is Friday, but we have our reading extravaganza scheduled.). I look forward to sharing our posters with Brookie. To learn more about Brookie and her mom visit:

Their story is really inspiring. I also encourage you to follow Smiles for Brookie on Facebook if your agent wants to keep up with Brookie’s experiences as she grows. I have learned so much from these two powerful women! Students said today Brookie is like them in many ways. She has a great smile! She complains when things do not go her way. She runs away when her mom says no and she wants to do something. They all got a kick out of watching her scoot away when she wanted to stay outside and play. Thanks to Allison for sharing her experience so our students can have a real life example of what it is like to live with CP.

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