Monday, March 14, 2016

Keeping a Positive Digital Footprint with a little help from Sylvia Duckworth

Sylvia Duckworth created a wonderful visual sketch note for explaining the 5 P’s for a positive digital footprint. The first one is about profiles. Many of us, including myself, use a first and last name for some profiles. However most of my user names have part of my name in it, but not the whole thing. Students, especially under the age of 13, should use a nickname or part of their name. They should also think about using a profile picture that does not show their face or easily identify them. When leaving a digital footprint we should be aware that everything we post is out there for anyone to read or find. Therefore we want to make sure what we are sharing is positive as possible. I often say my Facebook profile looks like I have such a fun and engaging life. I leave out all the YUCK on purpose. I do not use social media to complain. Family is for that. Children are unaware that once they download an app and input information it is stored on a server. I encourage them to make sure they ask permission before going to a new site or app. This helps keep them safe! Students and adults need to make sure their passwords are private and to be mindful when sharing personal information. If students know adult passwords of family members they should also keep those private. Lastly it is important to protect yourself online. If someone says not so nice things to you online it is vital to keep the information up and show an adult immediately. Also, you should not be mean back. This goes back to the old saying of “2 wrongs don’t make a right.” Written media is there forever. Words can sting but when written there is a trail of evidence. I have seen students who text or say inappropriate things on social media. When students are looking for jobs their accounts are vetted. I know people who did not get jobs due to their actions online. I strongly encourage everyone to be mindful of keeping a positive digital footprint. Many thanks again to @sylviaduckworth!

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