Monday, March 21, 2016


Promoting positive vibes and offering students enrichment opportunities is one of the many things we do in our classroom! I am excited to bring the latest assignment to our students, which asks them to draw what makes their life good. They will be given a t-shirt template to write their drawing as this idea stems from a contest being run through Life is Good. Students who are interested in submitting their t shirt design to Life is Good for the contest will need to also hand in the accompanying parent permission form. I will be mailing any entry submitted so all parents need to do it fill out the form.  For every entry submitted, Life is Good will donate a $1 to kids in need! To learn more about this initiative visit:

It is important to allow students to picture the positive in their life. I am thrilled to offer this experience to our agents. I encourage the whole family to get involved. Think about what would be on your t-shirt? Why is your life good? The conversations that can happen around the dinner table on this could be very rich! I know mine would have something about
#play #imagine #possibilities #dream big
because that is why my life is good!

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