Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Chanel Incident: Think Before You Act

I remember walking into Chanel in Bloomingdale's with my mom, and the sales lady ignored us. I imagine it was because my mom was in an LL Bean flannel and jeans, and I was wearing a ripped UVM sweatshirt from 1996. My mom happened to see a bag she liked and was going to look at; however, after the treatment of the sales people we walked out. Now what would those same sales people do if they knew my mom had a collection of bags in her closet? I share this story with you because there was an unsigned note in the bothering box from an upset agent because he or she was told his or her parents were poor by classmates. Stereotyping students based of parents’ employment is a slippery slope. Some students might lose a great friend! You cannot tell what someone has based on the few things we know about each other. I asked if any student had access to classmates' bank records. Of course they all said no! I strongly suggested students take the time to get to know others, choosing kindness over appearances and not turning their nose up at a job that isn't up to their standards. I shared with them that my father drove cab and eventually owned a whole company. People were not nice to me either because of that, and I firmly believe they missed out on a loyal friend. I also know those Chanel people lost out on making commission. I hope our agents will think before they speak as their words and actions do have an impact on those around them. 

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