Thursday, March 3, 2016

Agents are Going Places

We had such a busy Thursday! Students are working hard on their research for their Colonial America project! I saw them collaborating, using digital literacy skills, and listening to each other. They are excited to start their presentation but understand they need to put the time in to learn about their colony. Preparing for a presentation takes time!

We had a virtual visit with Peter Reynolds today! Yesterday was Read Across America Day and Discovery Education partnered with Fablevision to share how we are all Going Places. Peter shared his story, which is wonderful for students to hear and see the author/illustrator sharing his work. Paul was home sick and we hope he feels better! To learn more about this experience we had in class today visit


Students spent some time discussing their work on blogging. About half the class is blogging, and students shared the benefits and challenges of this learning opportunity. I heard about how it helps them with their digital literacy and citizenship skills, gives them a voice in the world, and allows them to get better at writing and grammar skills. They said the hardest parts are the edits and revisions they need to make. Agents have written 105 blog posts and connected to each other, our classroom community, and the world! View their blogs at

Lastly a HUGE thank you to the Fablevision team! They are sending our school a digital cutter to use with their software, Fab@MakerStudio! Students will be able to bring their creations to life. We sure are connecting the dots!

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