Thursday, March 31, 2016

What's a VHS: A Class Reward Turns into a Learning Experience

Sometimes students need a break from their daily routine and schedule, especially if the have earned one. Students have been truly showing they care about themselves, the school, and others through our PBIS program. They were part of a whole school initiative in which we earned enough care cards for a school reward! On Friday students will be able to choose their own lunch table anywhere in the cafeteria! They will also be joining the east side kids on the East Street playground for one GIANT recess. I reminded them that as amazing as this news is, they are 5th graders and still need to be role models on the playground and the lunchroom. I am hoping they can show the school they can sit where they want in the cafeteria, as next year at QMS they have this choice!

Students also earned a class reward and voted in February to cash in their care cards for a movie. Today we got to watch The Princess Diaries. I was asked if I was showing an “old” movie. My response was “older than you” as the movie in on VHS. A student asked me what VHS was. I had to hold in my chuckle as I remembered these children were born into the world of DVDs, Blue Ray, live stream, and downloading movies. VHS is a thing of the past. I showed them the tape. I think they were surprised we used to watch movies that came in a rectangle with film. Students should be exposed to inventions from the past to better understand how new things come to be. Maybe one of them will use innovative thinking and figure out the next big thing in movie viewing! 

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