Friday, April 8, 2016

A Day of Ideas

As a teacher you hope when you are out of the classroom the students can still have a similar learning experience without you! I was out today for meetings and when I got back the students were engaged in their activities, working on the NCAA bracket for reading and their stories in My Awesome Publishing Company. The report from the guest teacher was positive. She even shared they were the quietest line she had seen in the hallways ever. I was so proud of our agents as they continue to show how classroom expectations do not change no matter who the teacher in the room is. I also wanted to comment on how much growth students have been showing in their DQs. Even though I sadly had meetings these past two weeks I do read them all as they come in. Students were able to work together to get all DQs up and running today. They do not even need me anymore! They have transferred over the ability to run the whole show on themselves. I think they are ready for QMS!

During math today we reviewed the metric system. Students were able to share a lot of what they learned yesterday to activate prior knowledge. Through sharing what they learned one agent happened to tell me he went home and looked up something that we were discussing yesterday at home. It got me to thinking that homework should be an extension of the work we do here. Therefore I suggested that if students want to learn more about something we are doing in math they should! If a student would rather continue his or her learning at home and then send me a reflection in the Google Drive that can substitute for a math homework worksheet. We will create a collaborative class math blog! How fun! Ideas are spinning! Speaking of brainiac ideas I had student start using the design process to think about creating a Rube Goldberg machine. This involves a lot of design process thinking and mathematics. It is also a lot of fun!

One of my favorites is this guy!

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