Thursday, April 28, 2016

Authentic Learning from Bri Eggers!

Providing authentic learning experiences for students is an important component of my pedagogical philosophy. Seeking ways to enhance students’ learning is a catalyst for engaging and exciting learners. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum and 21st century learning must be integrated into our daily lives in order to best prepare our youngest minds for an unknown future. Thanks to Bri Eggers from Boston’s Channel 7 weather team we had an authentic learning experience on STEM that afforded students an learning opportunity that enriched our lives. She taught us about what it is like to work in meteorology, gave a virtual tour of the news room, explained various facets of weather, and taught us about the weather maps she reads (which look vastly different then we see on TV or online). Students learned science vocabulary and reviewed concepts from the water cycle, cloud study, and weather study taught in previous grades. Bri Eggers’ presentation was interactive, and her sense of humor drew us all in! I am amazed at how much social media has changed the world of meteorology. We were lucky to have her today! The proof of how amazing this was is in the student voices!

Nathan learned about new kinds of weather he did not know about. He enjoyed learning about green screen technology.
Ryan learned how destructive Hurricane Sandy was. He also liked her jokes.
Emily learned there was something called a firenado. We were told to Google it! She also liked how confident Bri was when she was speaking.
Jeevan was informed that Channel 7 office has no windows.
Jacob learned when meteorologists forecast they cannot wear green due to the green screen.
Ava liked that Bri Eggers talked about different kinds of storms.

The only suggestion from the class was to add the control room to the virtual video tour. They were curious about some of the machines she was talking about. 

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