Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fabulous Learning today from Field Trip Zoom and the Museum of Science!

Today the agents were treated to two very special presentations! The first we owe a HUGE thank you to Field Trip Zoom for bringing the International Spy Museum to us! Since we could not go there, they came to us via some technological tools. Today we participated in Tech Ops Science: Operation STEM.

Tech Ops…come in Tech Ops.” A field agent is in trouble and needs help. Students play the role of Technical Operations Officers (Tech Ops) supporting an agent in her secret mission. First, with basic electronics, everyday objects, and some creativity, students are challenged to create a signaling device. Then, they must decrypt a secret message and finally devise an exfiltration plan using geospatial analysis.”

Students discovered a lot through this amazing program! Field Trip Zoom is a wonderful resource for classrooms. Their vast programming has a lot to offer our learners. Check them out at

Students also had an assembly with the Museum of Science on electromagnetism. “During this presentation featuring high-tech Museum equipment, students explore voltage, current, resistance, and the interrelationship between magnetism and electricity. See someone’s hair stand on end, create a human extension cord by sending an electric current through several people, and shoot a metal ring to the ceiling of the school!”

To learn more about the program visit Thanks to MESA for supporting our learning!

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