Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wait, Money Doesn't Grow On Trees?

Teaching students about money is vital to do at a young age, as we know it does not grow on trees! How many times have we been guilty of over spending on something that we look at now wondering why we made the purchase in the first place? Seemed like a good idea at the time. I constantly am hearing children in stores saying they have to have something, and listening to parent’s high pitched voice response. The child does not understand why they can’t have it and blames the parent for saying no instead of understanding that the item has a value and might not be in their parent’s budget.

Our agents have an opportunity to learn some valuable financial literacy skills thanks to EverFI (the company that brought us hockey scholars)! They will have exposure to the following topics: responsible money choices, income and careers, planning and money management, credit and borrowing, insurance and safety management, and savings and interest. “Evidence based learning theories are incorporated to increase students’ knowledge and build the foundation for making good financial decisions at a young age.” We will be kicking off this program the end of May with a visit from our friend Ms. Donovan from EverFi! However she has given us access in case any agent is interested in testing this out over vacation! To learn more visit: 

Information about how to log in will be coming home today! I hope this inspires some of our students to think smartly about money and maybe think twice before getting mad when a parent says no to when they inquire about getting something at a store. If all else fails send them to the money tree in your yard!
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