Friday, May 27, 2016

A Simple Task: #Rubegoldermachines

This year our class went on a Rube Goldberg adventure. We were shown to get us thinking about what Rube Goldberg machines were. The only direction we were given was to design a model using classroom materials. Five groups of 5th graders created their own machines. A Rube Goldberg Machines does many complicated things to do a simple task. They are a chain reaction with a goal. We learned in order to market a product it has to succeed more than once. You want your successes to be more than your failures during the testing phase. It is a great teaching tool to teach kids about cause and effect and how every action has a reaction. We realized you might have to change your model in order to make it work. Students said they worked to find ways to fix problems. It takes a long time so do not give up! When asked if they would do this again 100% of the students raised their hands. Rube Goldberg Machines taught students design process thinking. However, they learned BIGGER things like working with others, that it is okay to fail, see things in different ways, perseverance, listen to all ideas, keep an open mind, and always stay positive to changes and group members. 

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