Monday, May 2, 2016

Digital Drag in Google Draw: Great Tool for Differentiating Instruction

Happy Monday! I am taking a course through MassCUE using Google tools for Differentiating instruction. One of the tools I shared with you last week was Google Keep. This week I wanted to showcase an activity I did with the agents in Google Draw. It is a different way of using Google Draw, which I never thought of! Students could use it as part of their May DQs to involve audience participation instead of a quiz in their presentation. It is called Google Digital Drag! 

It is a fill in the blank activity where students can create a paragraph in Google Draw in a text box. I showed them how to put in a background image and play around with the transparency of the image. Then I made a text book and wrote blogging rules in it, but left blank lines in my rules for students to fill in the missing words. Lastly, I created smaller text boxes for each of the missing words. We then worked as a class to fill in the blanks! The agents made three errors, which I did not tell them until we filled it all out. I informed them there were three mistakes and could they figure out which ones needed to be moved. They were able to do it. It was a great review for digital citizenship too!

Check out the Digital Drag I made here:

If you would like to use it as a template or try it out please go to file>make a copy so you have your own copy!

To see what I learned about Digital Drag (Thanks to Rochelle) visit:

( is a great resource to shorten web links to share!) 

Any teachers out there I would  love to hear how you would use this!

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