Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hutch; A Creativity Magazine for Kids and Big Kids

For the past five years my students have been published artists and authors thanks to Peter Reynolds and the Blue Bunny’s Hutch magazine. Every year students are given two assignments for the magazine based on the theme. Prior to this June I sent the assignment home for students to work on. They had a month to create something that spoke to the theme. Examples of themes were family, what can you make, and act of kindness. I had students write poems, stories, paragraphs, captions for pictures while others drew, built structures, took photographs, or made videos (they submitted their script and YouTube link). Some are asked to go on special assignment for the magazine, reviewing movies and books. Others interview authors.  Students wait patiently for an email from the magazine’s editor, Nancy Marsh. A sprinkling of students is in the last ten issues. I could not be more proud of my students for submitting an assignment to be considered for publication. Hutch magazine provides an authentic learning experience for students to share their work with an international audience. As a teacher it gives me an opportunity to provide a learning experience for students to create, take risks, and push limits with their innovative thinking. There are no boundaries when it comes to creativity.

This June I decided to have students work on their final submission in class. The theme is The Great Outdoors. Watching students sit around the classroom with various tools writing and drawing was astounding. I listened to their quiet conversations and saw students offer ideas to each other. The creative collaboration happening in the room was electric. Students work was impressive, and I realized students work better in a creative and collaborative community than at home in isolation. I look forward to seeing some of the students who are working so hard now receive an email from Nancy in the fall. I hope some of you consider submitting your child’s work (or your own) to be considered for publication in Hutch. It opens doors for students, inspires them to think big, and affords them opportunities to think in new ways. Their smiles say it all! 

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