Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Our Voyage to Our Daily Bread

Today our students made their voyage to the pantry. We learned about the history of the pantry and how the pantry operates. One of the most rewarding aspects of today was seeing how well the students worked together to accomplish something. You all would have been proud to see them volunteer to make their community a better place. When we returned to school I asked the students to share their thoughts on their experience. Their words were so empowering I felt compelled to share them with you.

“Today at the food pantry was so much fun. I loved that there was so much to do because half the time people are always crowding around me and I never end up doing things when I am there on a Thursday. I would love to do it again.”

“I enjoyed this project a lot. Since I got to go to the food pantry I felt like I really helped the community.”

“It made me feel great. I got to help people who are less fortunate. I loved giving back to the community. You should do this every year so you can give other kids this experience.”

“It felt great to know that we helped our community. It was fun and a great experience.”

“I really liked this field trip because I am helping other people. I think you should do this again because other kids will want to help others like this.”

“I felt really happy to help all of the people at the food pantry. I hope you do this again next year so other kids can experience the same feelings.”

“I felt good about helping the pantry. I could do this every day.”

“What was rewarding today was that we made an assembly line and we did work really fast. This felt really fun and I love that I helped out.”

“Knowing that I helped a lot of people is rewarding. Helping was fun. I liked organizing everything.”

“I liked how we helped out the food pantry so much.”

“I felt good about myself because I was helping people.”

“When I found out about the volunteering at the food pantry I was excited to be able to help others.”

“I think it was really nice to do this trip and it was very fun. It was nice to do it because we are helping families who need food. It was really fun because we got to stock shelves and afterward we got to have lunch and recess at the common.”
“I think that it was fun and It made me feel good that I was helping people. We did an assembly line as we put paper bags in plastic bags. This made the work go by fast and we were done in no time. It was really fun.”

“I felt very accomplished today. I know I helped buy some of the food and health care stuff is just amazing. When some one stocks a shelf that person has just helped a family out. It was fun to help the food pantry today.”

“I was kind of nervous at first because I didn’t know what we were going to do. I think it was a really cool trip. I love how we got to participate, unlike some other field trips I have been on.”

“I felt really happy knowing it was helping the people in need. It was enjoyable sorting things and putting them into shelves.”

“I felt really good afterward because I knew I had helped people. I felt better than usual because we did so much more than we’ve ever done. The first time I went to the food pantry. I didn’t know what to do but now I feel comfortable there.”

“I know that I help others to feed people in need of food. I have learned that the food pantry can be very fun.”

“I liked how we were helping the town.”

“The field trip made me feel happy because it was fun putting all the food away and playing in the common.”

“I really liked it.  I think we should have stayed longer, but I liked it. I thought it was really fun.”

“Today’s field trip was amazing! I love when we opened bags, putting food on the shelves. Also I liked that people will get food and not starve to death.”

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