Thursday, September 8, 2016

140 characters, The Best Part of Me and an RUP!

It was so wonderful hearing so many positive comments about our agents' first day of school! We are working hard to build a strong classroom community in A113! This morning students completed work from yesterday and then worked in their handwriting books. They work at their own pace. Students should be able to finish their book before the end of the year, as I believe learning cursive is important. Then we reviewed our classroom rules and expectations, and I discussed Mastery Club, the bothering box, smile-o-grams, and some other exciting things around our classroom. Some students may have come home with a mastery club scratch pad. This is an enrichment opportunity offered in our classroom.

Learn more about it here:

Students created bulletin boards today and yesterday. We made visual selfies of how we learn and created tweets to share goals for the year! Getting goals down to 140 characters with their agent # is challenging! They learned a lot about Twitter! We celebrated Marissa’s birthday too!
Students are coming home with their first two assignments. One is an All About Me poster, which they began in class. This is a great way to get to know our classmates and build our learning community. Students will bring them back to school no later than Thursday of next week as we will be presenting them next Friday to the class. Public speaking is a crucial skill to learn and agents become experts at that by the time June rolls around! We also began our “Best Part of Me” project. I am super excited about this project, which I learned about at the International Society of Technology in Education conference I attended in Atlanta a few years ago. To see what I saw click here as it will give you insight into what we are creating:

This is the third time I am doing this project and I cannot wait to share it with you! A letter about it came home today and I will be emailing it as well. I need some photos our agents to complete this project. It is a wonderful project to get students thinking about themselves positively. Even as adults we find fault in how we look so instead of finding the faults we will look at what is the best part of us! Ask your student what he or she chose as the best part of him or her. Over the course of the next few weeks we will work on crafting a written piece that includes figurative language (similes and personification). We will also connect this project to curriculum night and have a presentation of our work on October 31 at 8:30 AM. You are all invited to come! 

Before lunch we read The Holes in Your Nose and talked about the holes in your nose. They are not for picking and if your nose is running please use tissues. Following read aloud we did a close reading activity on the school’s responsible use policy (RUP) for technology. Click here to see the school’s policy! We went through what students are responsible for when using technology in school and what the policy means in language our agents will understand. Your child is coming home with a copy of the K-7 explanation of the RUP. I strongly encourage you to go over this with your child at home. This policy is one that is used all over the world. When I am at the doctor’s office and gym I am asked to check off that I have read their RUP before being signed on to their WIFI. Students are allowed to use our technology responsibly. I am excited to be able to use so many tools with our students and look forward to teaching and learning with them! Understanding the consequences that come with irresponsible use is something we will be discussing as well. This is a learning process for our young agents! I did tell them they are allowed to email me at my school email address from their school provided GMAIL accounts. If they have questions, need to talk about something, or just want to say hello they should feel free to do so!

Our class does a lot online. I like to send this out as it is a great reference for how to teach your child about online safety:

Tomorrow we will take a tour of our math book. We will discuss the common core math practices. Click the link to learn more about the common core here:

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