Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Never Again Making Assumptions about Student Technology Use

In the course of the past few days I have discovered the importance of not making assumptions of students technology skills. I had figured most students knew how to log onto something and understand how to navigate websites. I also thought students would know what a tab was. In seeing the confusion in the eyes of those I directed to open a tab or how to make a capital letter I have now realized how much growth my students will have this year in their technology skills. Encouraging students to use Google classroom, Google drive, and Google search tools is just the beginning of our adventure into navigating technology together. Jumping right in seems overwhelming and probably a bit scary for us all, but these tools are things students will need to access their whole lives.


So I decided it is important to go back to basics and teach students tech 101 of how to navigate various tools online. I also learned the value of checking in with students to see what they know and need to know. I also want to encourage students to take more risks and figure things out on their own. Many are hesitant to push or do things on their own. I want them to learn by doing. Tomorrow I will be showing students what tabs are as well as some keyboard shortcuts thanks to my guru, Alice Keeler. I am also going to remind them to play around with these tools when they can. See what each Google product can do for them. I want them to think, How can this enhance my learning? What will this help me with? What else could it be used for?

I know I think those things every day!  

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