Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Story of the Water Princess

The Water Princess tells the story of a young African American girl who has to travel 4 miles every day to get water for her family. The water sadly is not clean, yet the family uses it to drink, bathe, wash clothes, and cook with. The dynamite author and illustrator team of Susan Verde and Peter Reynolds bring a story inspired by Georgie Badiel into the hearts of readers. 

Olivia and Charles shared, “To know they had to travel that far to get a bucket of water when we can go to a sink is sad.” Julia and Marissa added, “The story makes me want to help them.” Sophia said, “The story made me feel selfish as we take advantage of what we have.” Jake feels “bad knowing all the stuff we have and knowing the struggles they have.”

Katie mentioned, “We cannot take everything for granted.” Zoe learned “not everyone has what we have.” Rayyan wanted us “to always be thankful for the things we have because not everyone has what we have.” Maddie reminded us “hard work is always worth it.” Charles suggested people could “donate money to build wells for clean water.” Visit the GeorgieBadiel Foundation to help their cause! You can also check out the Ryan’s Well Foundation

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