Monday, September 19, 2016

Welcome to the World of Google

Taking 22 agents to the computer lab today to introduce the world of Google was so much fun for me! Google tools are wonderful ways for us to be more efficient and effective in all that we do! I forget how much training goes into showing students how to use Google tools. I also am well aware we have very curious students who are ready to push buttons and see what happens.  Today I showed students how to log into their Google accounts. On the page there is a blue sign in button on the top right hand corner. Students can hit that and log in using their Mansfield schools address. I showed them there is an omni box at the top of the page. This is where they will write web addresses and run their searches, as Google does not need the search box to do that anymore. I also showed students the hot dog (three dots on the top right corner). This has a list of commands. Always click on the three dots! You never know what you will get! We explored Google classroom, set up our reading letter template, and created a folder for spelling homework in their drive. Students learned to make a copy of a document and how to rename it as well! We covered a lot of ground in 30 min!

If students want to do their spelling homework in Google, I encourage them to do the following:

1.     Sign into the Google account

2.     Click the 9 boxes icon where the apps are located

3.     Click on drive

4.     Click on the 5th grade folder they created

5.     Click on spelling folder they created

6.     Click the New button

7.     Click Google docs (By going to the folder of the subject and creating the document there it automatically saves it in the right folder). Google saves automatically with every change to work being done in the drive.

8.     Name it whatever assignment it is in the title box (where it says untitled document)

a.     TIP: I highly suggest when naming documents in each folder start with 001 (followed by the name) as this keeps it organized in the drive.

b.    Ex. 001 abc order, 002 Three times a charm, 003 sentences, 004 abc order, 005 three times a charm, 006 sentences, etc.

c.     See Alice Keeler’s Blog post for more information!

9.     Once they are done make sure they share it with me by clicking the blu share button on the right

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