Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Padlet and #GRAPax

Students have been exploring new tools while reading Pax. Over the past two days we have a had a great discussion about the text either with our classmates or students in Connecticut. Our agents have been boldly asking higher level questions to our Pax readers making them think about the story in a meaningful way. Yesterday we had a whole discussion on bullying and power struggles. We debated on whether or not the oppressor, the victim, or the bystander was the worst position to be in. Students had valid points and many talked about the oppressor being in the worse position, as without the oppressor there would be no action. The victim was also mentioned as students showed empathy of that role. I brought up how I think the bystander might be the worst role to be in as it is the most challenging. When we are watching something happen we can struggle with what to do. Do we help? Do we ignore the action? Lots to think about!

In today’s discussion we focused on the concept of home.
“So which is it? You going back for your home or for your pet?"
"They're the same thing, " Peter said, the answer sudden and sure, although a surprise to him.”  Pg. 89

Students were asked to think about what Peter means by this by reflecting on their ideas of home. We used a Padlet link that was placed in the Google classroom. A Padlet is a message board where students can respond to questions from different computers on the same document. There were other answers from other classes we are working with on the Padlet as well! It allows them to create and collaborate globally.

Check out their thinking here! I encouraged students to take a look at it at home as well and reflect on their classmates’ thinking as well. The beauty of the Padlet is it can extend the learning anywhere!

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