Thursday, November 10, 2016

Going on Discoveries Enriches Students' Lives

Today is a day of discoveries! When I started discovery quests I had no idea it would turn into an odyssey of adventure where students and I journey into unchartered territory to learn new things. Students have moved beyond the standard presentations, including media and hyperlinks to bring their discoveries alive. Some have including experiments, Skype visits from experts, and classroom guests. Students are becoming more animated in their presentation skills, drawing their audience in with voice and gestures. Today we had some live chickens come visit us! We learned chickens do not get cold and that some like to eat lobster meat! These learning experiences really resonate with students, who will take these skills with them as they matriculate through school. They are learning that Google is not a reference, creative ways to involve their audience in presentations, and how to speak to an audience. Life long learning builds foundational skills and strategies students will access in their futures! I did ask students to think about what BIG question they are answering in their discovery quests. I love starting with a question! It helps shape discovery!

Students enjoying their visit from chickens!

I did my discovery quest early! I wanted to discover meteorology. I shared the background of Bri Eggers, meteorologist for WHDH. We read her weather blog, and checked out weather maps. I asked students to think of questions about meteorology. On Monday we have such a special treat. Bri is coming to visit us so we can learn more about meteorology. You never know where a discovery quest will take you or what surprise guest will be coming to visit us!

Students surprised Bri Eggers is coming to visit us! 

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