Monday, November 28, 2016

Introduction to Split Screens and #hyperdocs

When students are working on multiple tabs in Google Chrome and need to go back and forth between them it might be easier for them to split their screen. Thanks to Alice Keeler they can now do this! Today I had students download the extension AliceKeeler Classroom Split to make this happen. When students are working in their hyperdocs during reading this might be something they want to use. This way they can have their directions open on one screen and their work opened on another. Splitting the screen allows students to be more productive and efficient while working. If you do not have chrome you can create side-by-side windows. Learn more about that here!

Many of the students reading classwork is done in Google Classroom. I encourage parents to take an active and vested interested in their child’s work. You can ask your child to show you his or her Pax and hyperdoc work at home! Some students will be sharing their work at conferences, but it is available to you at home any time you want to look at it! Conversing with students about the books we are reading and how we are exploring books is another wonderful discussion point with students. If you do not know what a hyperdoc is visit this site to learn more. These have been an enriching experience for students and I to discuss books together.

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