Monday, November 7, 2016

Organizing Our Inbox

How many of you have looked in your email inbox and groaned? The stack of emails you have to go through might seem daunting at times. Trust me I know as I have eight email accounts to check daily. I want students to get in the habit of not only checking their emails but organizing their inbox. The email account they have been given is one that each student will take with him through their time in our school system. Today I asked all students to check their email for me. Some had 95 emails in their inbox!

We discussed the importance of checking our email. Some emails we might want to file away while others we can delete. There might be some we want to leave in our inbox to respond to later. I walked students through the task of creating labels in their Gmail accounts (which are also known as folders to some). To read more about we did visit

Students created a 5th grade label and began the arduous task of going through their emails. Some wanted to nest new labels in the 5th grade folder (a label for blog, Ms. Freedman. Google classroom, etc. could be created). Students, as they grow up, will want to create more labels based on their needs. However this is a start! Students are thinking about how to organize their inbox and the importance of reading emails.

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