Friday, December 9, 2016

The JK Phenomena

My DQ was about what I would like to call the "JK Phenomena" or Just Kidding! Several students will talk to peers or siblings either nicely or not so nice and follow it up with "Just kidding." This in turn hurts others, even if our perception is that it is funny or a way to say something without possibly dealing with a consequence of our words because we were only "just kidding." It also means we do not have to take responsibility for our words. Most agents honestly admitted to doing this or it has happened to them and all said they were going to work on it. So feel free to follow up at home.
Regardless of whether she or he thinks the person thinks she or he is kidding - typical kid reaction is to shrug things off and laugh, however deep down inside it resonates and hurts. I am guilty of laughing things off too but hurting on the inside. Often times when we laugh the person making the comment assumes we find the comment funny, and it is ok. However it is not ok. Some hide it better than others. We all know he would never intentionally hurt someone but sometimes the things we say do.

A students had one told me how online joking is worse as and I quote "there is no font for sarcasm." Brilliantly said as it is so true. We talked about how once you put something in writing it is now evidence of your words.

I showed the agents this site. The video does not play here, but if you are comfortable feel free to show it to your child.

We discussed how our class will be a NJZ from here on out and if kids do find their feelings are getting hurt by others we are going to put those practices in place. As they head to QMS this is a HUGE lesson to learn. Middle school can be like navigating through murky water. 

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