Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Play is Necessary"

Today I asked an important question to students. What is play? Quizzical looks filled the room as I began to discuss Kevin Carroll, the man who reminded me that play and passion is important to infuse in the classroom. Students pondered over the concept of play, discussing their childhood play and how their play helps them in school.

 Julia shared that play helps you improve in academic areas. Josh and Charles mentioned it helps you think quicker, as in sports you have a quick second to size up your opponent. Iniyan added play releases stress. Stella discussed how play gets your imagination going. Sophia said that when you exercise chemicals in your brain are released and help with some of the negative feelings you might have. Ryan talked about how being active helps the body be in shape. Maddie told us play gets you excited and energized for the day. Play can help you work well with others was a comment Marissa added to the discussion. Jake W. mentioned playing helps you focus more on the task. Emma said it could help you concentrate better. Fresh air does you good!

Our students think play is:
Being free
Exciting and fun
Totally awesome
Having fun outside or inside
Releases stress and movement
Exploration of the imagination
Exploring new things
Hanging out with friends
Getting energy out
Learning new strategies
Learning new skills
Fun way to exercise
Cures boredom

Our students know best. Play is and should be an important part of their lives. Is it part of yours? I encourage you to watch his Ted Talk above! Tag your it!

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