Friday, February 3, 2017

The Not so Straight Line

We are expected to walk through the hallways with a 0 voice volume in a straight line, one person behind the other. For some students this is challenging. They end up on the other side of the hallway or walking into the rolls of butcher paper that magically appear. Others see it as a fine time to have side conversations. In the real world we do not walk through hallways in a single file line like dots on a line segment. We pass each other, and say hello. Some might stop and talk about a current event or that big sporting event. Adults have an easier time dealing with distractions. My class understands we need to be quiet in the hallways to respect the learning of others. However, today I asked them to be a team using a voice volume of 0. On our way back from health we did football drills down the hallway in anticipation of the BIG GAME this weekend. Students were doing foot drills, squats, throwing practice, and a knees up drill. The voice volume was not a 0 but people we passed understood what we were doing and smiled. The movement break got their minds ready for the rest of our day. They were excited about being able to try something new in a place they were not used to being so free.

Sometimes we need to switch it up! We need to move. We need to work as a team. We need to laugh, play, and have fun. And as we raised our knees and tossed our imaginary football we were reminded of that.

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