Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Drive to Inventions

Students are embarking on the Young Inventor’s Fair where they are challenged to wonder about how to make something that could change our world. The wheels are already turning in their young minds, and several are starting to think about personal problems to develop solutions to. Students are going through the patent process and asked to research their idea, as they cannot create something that already exists. They can make a current idea better, as this is a realistic process inventor’s attempt. In order to get students thinking big we watched Richie Parker’s drive.

We could learn more from him in about eight minutes about the need for innovations and inventions than me standing up and telling them. Students realized they could invent and solve problems for others. They saw the determination Richie Parker had to live and do things like many of us can. This short video showed possibility.

I asked students to think big as they begin their own journey!

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