Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Sketchnoting Odyssey

In trying to figure out a way to reach all learners I wanted to add a visual component to our learning called Sketchnoting. I had gone to several workshops on how to sketchnote and read Sylvia Duckworth’s book this summer on the topic. I loved her Rules for Sketchnoting!

Everyone can draw.

You will improve with practice.

About the ideas, not the art.

I spoke with Kim Zajac about my thoughts on using Sketchnoting as a tool to showcase learning to make student thinking visible. She suggested I use sketchnoting during Discovery Quests (DQs). I have never had a way to see what students learned from classmate’s during DQs besides informal observations and conversations. This was a fantastic idea!

I spent some time this summer figuring out how to teach sketchnoting to students. I created a slide presentation, using some gurus of sketchnoting to help me teach students. I then modeled using the word cooperation, as part of our CARES lessons.

Students were then asked to create their own sketchnote. We talked about how it has to make sense to them. They created sketchnotes made up of words, symbols, images, etc.

Students were engaged in their thinking process, reflecting on the word. Silence filled the room as they worked to share their ideas on cooperation.

On Day 3 we looked at student samples and used our independent reading time to sketchnote. Students are seeing sketchnoting as a way to share their thinking in any content area. We went over fonts, shapes, characters, and icons. Students will eventually build an icon library to help them with their sketchnotes.

Students will have time to practice their sketchnotes Friday as we delve into DQ presentations! I am so excited to see what students share with me about their thinking!


  1. I love hearing all about your process. I also love that you drew with them. So very very important. The idea of students sketchnoting during their discovery time...genius! What a great way to practice this thinking and also show their connections and learning. I can not wait to continue to hear more about where this all takes you and your students!!!

  2. I love sharing my process and honored you took the time to read it! I cannot wait to share more with you! Thank you for all your inspiration!